New graphic design for DG ITALIA srl

An Open House during which to show customers, partners and friends the news from DG ITALIA srl. New inkjet printing systems ever faster and more versatile. Customized solutions for an integration of variable data printing into production machineries that cover increasingly complex markets and needs. Above all an increasingly important presence abroad with installations in different continents (South America, Africa, Middle East and Australia). To welcome visitors, however, also a surprise: a radical renewal of the graphic design of DG ITALY: a new logo that maintains the color and forms of the previous one adopted by the founder, Mr. Alberto Vercelloni in the far 1993, and that today is transformed to celebrate the first quarter of a century of life.

The designer Luca Volpi of MinuArt has fully grasped the suggestions and requests of the Management presenting this novelty: For the second restyling of the DG ITALIA logo we thought that the irish shamrock, a distinctive element of the company since the first version of 1993, should have a more relevant role and a stronger visual impact. We have therefore worked with the objective of integrating the letters D and G with the petals of the same in the symbology to give life to a new corporate identity as a synthesis of the perfect synergy between the various elements. The inscription “DG Italy”, just below the mark, takes up the two social colors, which become clearer than in the past, and present themselves as modern and current. The “digital offset printing” payoff underlines the company’s core business and optically completes the logo.